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Alumni News (SUNY Albany)
Oprah and Friends Radio
Oprah Selects Book Review

The Medical Herald
(Book Review by Tom Toolen)
Sinus Pressure Relief Now 

Ezine Review
Part 1 Part 2
(Book Review By Walt Ballenberger)
Customer Reviews
( Reviews)

Hats Off
(New York County Medical Society)

Asthma Related Links

Can Anyone BREATHE in This Town?
Our Town (East Side New York, NY)
Healthwatch: Air Conditioner-Friend
or Foe?

Healthwatch: Asthma & Chlorine
Teens With Asthma Feel Isolated

Allergy Related Links

Allergies and Hayfever
(An overview of allergies with a discussion of seasonal allergies, better known as hayfever)
Allergy Pollen Map
(A map indicating prevalent pollens throughout the United States and their seasonality)
Allergy Q&A
(Answers to some questions about allergies and their diagnosis and treatment as well as explaining why the ENT specialist (Otolaryngologist) is the physician of choice for caring for patients with sinonasal allergies)
The American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy
("The American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy (AAOA) was founded in 1941, and is one of the oldest and most experienced organizations in dealing with issues relating to allergic disorders. As a professional association, the AAOA represents over 2000 Board certified otolaryngologists and other health care providers who devote part of their practice to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic and other related disorders.")
Breathing Free
(By Jordan S. Josephson, Resident Publications)
Breathing Free

(By Jordan S. Josephson, .pdf article)
The Dirty Truth About Allergies
Halo™ UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum
(Eliminating allergens)
Hay Fever Costly on the Job
(Lost Work Days)
Nasal Allergies
(Addresses nasal disorders caused by allergies, i.e. allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, rhinosinusitis)
(" educates you with a complete glossary of information about pollen and periods of peak activity and coverage, arming you with a powerful weapon in your fight against allergies!")
Real Simple
(The Sneezy Season, .pdf


Analysis: Tubes Don't Improve Child Growth
(United Press International)
Can Too Much Weight Cause Ear Infections in Kids?
(Atlanta Journal Constitution)
Kids E.N.T. Health
(Child E.N.T. Issues)
It's Sometimes Okay To Wait To Put In Ear Tubes

Cold/Flu Links

Antibiotics Useless for Common Cold
(Daily News Central-Health News)
Chicken Soup Soothes More Than the Soul

Cold Prevention Nothing to Sneeze At
Swine Flu Tips
(PDF Article)
Understanding and Managing Common Cold Symptoms
(Max Health)

Ear Pain Links

Away on Business - A Travel Pain
(Reuters News)
Fat linked to ear infection

Dealing With Household Mold
(A CBS 2 Special Report)
Fungus Causes Most Chronic Sinusitis, Researchers Say
Household Mould Thriving
(Globe and Mail)
Home Sickness
Mold Wreaks Havoc In Sensitive People

Sinus Related Links

Acute Sinusitis
AAO-HNS Issues Position Statement on Balloon Sinuplasty
Away on Business - A Travel Pain
(Reuters News)
Breathing Free
(By Jordan S. Josephson, .pdf article)
Fungal Sinusitis
(Describes one of the less common forms of sinusitis, which is gaining more prevalence as mold allergies increase in the United States)

Help For Chronic Sinus Infections
(Bottom Line Publications, .pdf article)
Nasal Washing
Nonstop Sneezing
( medical mystery)
Often-Overlooked Triggers Can Make You Suffer Needlessly
(Bottom Line/Health, .pdf article)
Pediatric Sinusitis
(Describes the causes, evaluation and treatment of sinusitis in the pediatric population)
Sinus Frequently Asked Questions
(View answers to some frequently asked questions about sinus disorders)
Sinus Headaches
(Information on the causes and treatment of sinus headaches)
Sinus Surgery
(Discusses the indications for and some of the technical aspects of sinus surgery)

Sinusitis and Antibiotics
Sinusitis Can Strike Kids, Too
(Health Day News)
Sinusitis: Surprising New Findings
(Bottom Line Health, Feb 2007)
Treatment of Acute and Chronic Rhinosinusitis in the U.S
(.pdf article)

Sleep Apnea Links

Sleep Apnea and Cardiohealth
Sleap Apnea
CMS to Review Sleep Apnea Treatment Coverage Policy at Request of AAO-HNS

Smoking Links

More People Smoking Despite Known Health Risks
Smoking Cancer
(eyewitness news)

Snoring Links

It's Time To Be A Snore Loser
(New York Post)
(HealthWatch: Snoring)

Voice Links

Pope Latest 022505

Voice Health


Weather and Health

And The Outlook: It'll Stay Warm
Google News
(Various Articles)
Warm Winter Bad For Your Health?
Warm Winter Weather
(Associated Press)

It could be your sinuses!
(Woman's World)

Patient Safety Checklist
How to get the most out of your visit to the Dr.pdf)

DAN Divers Alert Network Letter

(Scuba Diving and Dive Safety Association Letter, .pdf)

The Spiritual Herald
America's premier all-faiths religious and healthcare newspaper, .pdf)

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
("The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the world's largest specialty association that represents over 2,700 facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons throughout the world")
American Board of Otolaryngology
("The mission of the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABOto) is to assure that, at the time of certification, Diplomates certified by the ABOto have met the ABOto’s professional standards of training and knowledge in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.")
American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
("The American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery and its Foundation sponsor continuing medical education, professional meetings, new scientific research, and practice management guidance for more than 11,000 ear, nose, and throat specialists in the United States and abroad.")
American Rhinologic Society
("The American Rhinologic Society is the world's largest physician organization whose mission focuses upon the medical and surgical treatment of patients with diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses.")

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